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THE Roman Forum, also known by its Latin name Forum Romanum, was the centre of the daily lives of its people for centuries. It is the site of triumphal processions and elections; the venue for public speeches, criminal trials, gladiatorial matches and commercial affairs. It is where the heart of Rome beats and is regarded in history as among the most celebrated meeting place in the world.

In the age of technology, the word “forum” in itself has taken a different definition albeit in a similar function. When we talk about forums, in the context of the Internet, it becomes a place where people leave messages or discuss particular subjects.

Such forums are a way of connecting people with similar interests from all over the world. Popular apps and websites that act like a modern-day forum includes the likes of Reddit and SeekingAlpha. On the local front, is a popular forum for a diverse range of topics. In particular, it has a strong following in the property segment where substantial information is available for public consumption.CLICK TO ENLARGE

For the local stock market, KLSE Screener, and are amongst those that command large traffic of retail investors seeking to satisfy their appetite for information.

Recently, StockBit, an investment community-centric app founded in Indonesia which made its way to Malaysia has been capturing market share of local millennial retail investors. The table shows the influence and impact of these online forums in the daily lives of Internet users.

The proliferation of social media has disrupted the way we communicate and exchange information with one another. Enhanced connectivity allows information to be transmitted within seconds unlike yesteryears where the mode of communication using horseback riding messengers or pigeons required days if not months. This has entirely reshaped the way retail investors approach the stock market and also redefined the role of remisiers and stock brokers alike.

Think “Reddit or Meme stock” phenomenon that was unseen prior to 2020, causing a seismic shift to the investment world. It wasn’t too long ago, at the height of the GameStop, AMC mania that top hedge fund managers such as Steve Cohen’s star protégé, Gabriel Plotkin, who ran Melvin Capital, suffered losses to the tune of US$4.5bil (RM18.97bil).

It was a result of retail investors banding together on online forums to cause a massive short squeeze. In my humble view, the ease of communication between retail investors through online forums and social media is a new force contributing towards the vibrancy of the stock market.

In the past, if retail investors wanted to participate in the stock market, it was paramount to have a capable remisier to guide you. Many retail investors flocked to brokerage houses and spent their time loitering the trading floors to have a pulse at the ground or to seek out “information” to help with their investment decision.


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