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,“If you do not manage your finances well, the financial burden could potentially be passed on to your children,’’ said Kimberly Law, (pic) a licensed financial planne

THE one advice many financial experts will give to single working mothers is for them to take control of their finances.

This is because money is the main concern for every single mother.

It is all about how to make more money, save more, pay off debts, how to educate their children and also making sure that there will be sufficient savings for retirement.

How she manages her finances will have an impact on her children and her own livelihood.

“If you do not manage your finances well, the financial burden could potentially be passed on to your children,’’ said Kimberly Law, a licensed financial planner.

She also believed in the “me first’’ mindset.

“Take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

“There is a reason why flight attendants will advice parents during the safety briefing to put on the oxygen mask on themselves first before helping their kids or senior citizens sitting next to them.

“This mindset is not about being selfish. It is simply to avoid being in a situation where you need monetary help from outside.

“Surely, you do not want to become a financial burden to your children, parents or the people around you,’’ said Law, who is also a senior associate with IPPFA Sdn Bhd.

The first thing a single mom will need to do is to set up her financial goals and stick closely to it.

This means knowing how to properly divide her earnings into spending, emergency funds and investments.

“If you think you do not have enough money, then start looking at ways to earn more, undertake cost cuttings and further reduce your spending,” added Law.

She pointed out that accumulating wealth should be a priority, not only to cover current expenses but also for planning ahead so that there will be sufficient funds for the children’s education and also personal retirement.

To do all that, Law said single moms will need to look at their cash management, budgets and monthly expenses. Hence, they need to maintain a healthy cashflow.

“If you are in a tight financial situation, you will need to be more frugal. Reduce all unnecessary costs. Cut down on expenses such as memberships and subscriptions that does not add value to you and your children,’’ explained Law.

Also, avoid opting for any installment schemes as it will only increase your monthly commitments.

“This is risky if you are suddenly out of a job or have to take time off to take care of your children. Hence, the installment scheme will become a liability.

“Since you are supporting others apart from yourself, you must make sure that you are prepared for any emergency situation that requires money.


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