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aws【全区号】( rain follows summer wildfires, flooding homes across Greece



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ATHENS - Torrential rain flooded rivers, roads and homes across Greece, many parts only just recovering from summer wildfires, prompting hundreds of calls for help to rescue people and pump out water.

At least one man was killed when his car was carried away by flood waters. The 69-year-old farmer had been missing since late Thursday after rushing to protect his herds on the eastern island of Evia, near Athens, a fire brigade official said.

Rescue crews found his body on a river bed, police said.

Overflowing rivers flooded houses on the western island of Corfu where many farm animals drowned, while landslides blocked roads, officials said.

Schools and public services closed in Athens on Friday and private sector employees were advised to work from home.

Flash floods in Greece in 2017 killed 25 people and left hundreds homeless. REUTERS



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