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The landslide at Lingkungan Negeri Sembilan affected several houses located at Jalan Limau Purut in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. – The Malaysian Insight pic, October 26, 2021.

KUALA Lumpur City Hall must expand its checks along the entire stretch of road that was the site of a landslide over the weekend, said the Bukit Bandaraya Residents Association. The association is now concerned about a slope along Jalan Limau Manis in Bangsar that is back-to-back with Lingkungan Negeri Sembilan (LNS) that it feels is a landslide risk. Association adviser M. Ali said that that if no checks are carried out, there is a possibility that about 30 homes could be affected if the rubble wall built to fortify the slope gives way.  He wants City Hall to inspect the retaining wall that is located at the back of homes along Jalan Limau Manis.  Ali feels the entire drainage system of the area must be checked and replaced if need be. “If nothing is done, the houses along Jalan Limau Manis and the houses back-to-back with LNS will face a similar situation, if not worse,” he told The Malaysian Insight. Ali was referring to the landslide that occurred at LNS and affected the houses downhill at Jalan Limau Purut last Saturday. Authorities had told families living in three homes to move out after the landslide occurred in the evening.  Brickfields police chief Amihizam Abdul Shukor said the move is a safety measure, although no casualty or damage has been reported. He said residents are advised to move out for their own safety.  In a preliminary report, the Fire and Rescue Department said the soil slipped from the shoulder of the main road along a 40-metre stretch.  Ali said checks at the retaining wall must be expedited immediately to assure residents of their safety. “The rubble wall is about three metres from the homes,” he said. He also questioned the plans to build a retention pond at LNS.  “On September 18, we had a site visit with City Hall for a flood mitigation programme at LNS.  “They wanted to show us plans for a retention pond. But we wanted action on the existing drain at the back of the houses with LNS.” He questioned City Hall if it was taking any mitigating measures at LNS to contain the run-off water.  “Should they divert the water down to Bangsar, it will flood the area. Where will the water go?

“I then showed them the rubble wall and the site of the houses at Jalan Limau Manis where houses get flooded every time it rains. The wall may collapse due to water seepage because of the failure of the drainage system at LNS.” Ali said they then told City Hall that until this issue is resolved, the retention pond should not be constructed.  He said City Hall has agreed to meet them in November to discuss the issue. – October 26, 2021. 


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