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IN conjunction with the Keluarga Malaysia month in November, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law) Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar read a speech on behalf of Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob in which integrity was extolled as the paragon of virtue and anchor of civic morality.


The speech that was read out at the closing of the National Integrity Convention 2021 on November 9 stated that a “… spirit of integrity was highly required in the creation of a society that appreciates inclusiveness, togetherness and gratitude (especially in the context of) facing the challenges of the endemic phase”.

The prime minister’s speech went on to say that “the analogy is simple, a family that practises good values and demonstrating a high level of integrity will, of course, have a very low probability of getting involved in issues related to a breach of integrity, corruption or any criminal cases in the future”.

It’s actually a rare occasion for our nation’s head of government – top political leader – to venture into such a topic that would be considered as “mundane” and which brings together moral values as embodied by the sublime notion of integrity with that fundamental and pivotal role played by family upbringing.

Either our political leaders have been taking for granted the role played by family upbringing or some have downplayed that for the sake of political expediency by placing race and religion as inciting issues at the front and centre of the national consciousness and psyche.

It’s heartening, therefore, that our prime minister has “introduced” the Keluarga Malaysia philosophy as his “signature brand” and to carve out a distinctive style for the current administration.

In this, he struck at the core of what it means to be a human and a citizen. 

Keluarga Malaysia is an inclusive, comprehensive and total concept that encompasses the family understood as both nuclear (parent and children) and extended as well as, by extension, the society as a whole. The emphasis is on the natural connection between the family and wider society.

The former is but a microcosm of the latter and the latter is simply the “recapitulation” or coalescence of families at the micro-level into the national family at the macro-level.

A fundamental given character of the family is the social inter-connectedness and mutual dependency between a parent that becomes aged and a child that grows up so that the nature of that dependency is reversed.

This translates into the complex web of relations, networks and connections that make up a society and marketplace.

The insights of Keluarga Malaysia are that it re-vitalises and re-emphasises the realities of what’s known as the “estates of life” or “orders of creation” as the natural scheme and arrangement of life and civilisation – the social and socio-economic “locations” or situatedness as a given in broad terms or parameters.


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