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TNG Digital Sdn Bhd CEO Ignatius Ong (second on left) and Firefly CEO Philip See (second on right).

KUALA LUMPUR: Touch ‘n Go eWallet is partnering with Firefly to offer a convenient and seamless method to purchase flight tickets.

“With this partnership, travellers can now browse for destinations and purchase Firefly flight tickets directly through Touch ‘n Go eWallet,” TNG Digital Sdn Bhd CEO Ignatius Ong said in a statement.

“As we are moving into the recovery phase and to celebrate this partnership with Firefly, Touch ‘n Go eWallet is offering special discounts where travellers can enjoy 20% off their flight tickets when they book and pay on Touch ‘n Go eWallet app, from Dec 1, 2021, until Jan 31, 2022, with the travel period set between Dec 6, 2021, until Oct 29, 2022,” he said.

Firefly CEO Philip See said: “This collaboration with Touch ‘n Go eWallet is a great match for Firefly as it is one of the fastest growing eWallets in the country.”

“Firefly is experiencing high interest from travellers for flights especially since the opening up of borders.

“At Firefly, we take all necessary measures to assure that taking flights are safe and we ensure all SOPs that have been placed by the Government and authorities are complied with,” he added.

The 20% discount on the flight tickets is applicable to flights that depart from key Firefly destinations. It is also subject to the availability of seats throughout the travel period.



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