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us apple developer accounts for sale:Covid-19 (Dec 2): 851 new cases, Johor now a hotspot


COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported 851 new Covid-19 cases as of noon today amidst 102 infections emerging in Johor.This is believed to be the first time Johor has reported new cases in the triple digits. Sixty-four of the cases in Johor were related to existing clusters while 23 were from a new cluster. The Klang Valley reported the highest number of infections (39.2 percent) followed by Sabah (26.9 percent) and Johor (12 percent).[For 14-day cumulative new cases count at mukim (locality) level, click here. For details of new cases by clusters, click here. There will be slight delays due to data entry process.]Leading indicators:Active cases: 10,686,

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