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apple developer enterprise account for rent:Police still making efforts to arrest Indira Gandhi’s ex-hubby: court filing


The inspector-general of police and the police have not failed to abide by a court order to arrest M Indira Gandhi’s ex-husband Muhammad Riduan Abdullah, according to a court filing.Their statement of defence claimed that this is because every reasonable effort is still being undertaken to locate and arrest Riduan who is alleged to have taken away Prasana Diksa, daughter of Riduan and Indira.The court document was filed by a senior federal counsel at the Kuala Lumpur High Court Registry yesterday afternoon.The statement of defence by the four defendants is in response to kindergarten teacher Indira Gandhi’s suit, naming the IGP (who is not named), the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), the Home Ministry and the government of Malaysia.Indira filed the lawsuit on Oct 28 alleging that the IGP failed to abide by two orders of the Ipoh High Court issued on May 30, 2014.The first order was a committal order for Riduan to be jailed for failing to return Prasana to Indira. The second one was a recovery order for the Royal Malaysian Police and court bailiff to retrieve Prasana from Riduan and return her to Indira.According to a copy of the statement of defence, it was alleged that the IGP had directed the police to increase efforts to find and detain Riduan and recover Prasana.The court document claimed that this was especially done following the Ipoh High Court on Sept 12, 2014, issuing a mandamus order for the IGP to execute the earlier two orders of the same court.“The first defendant (IGP) and members of PDRM will take action to carry out investigation and examine every piece of information regarding the whereabouts of Pathmanathan (Riduan’s name before his conversion to Islam).“Around 72 police reports have been lodged in relation to PDRM’s action to locate Pathmanathan. However, Pathmanathan failed to be found and arrested, based on addresses known by the first defendant and members of PDRM.“This is because Pathmanathan is believed to be constantly moving without a permanent address and is believed not to be in Malaysia. At the material time, Pathmanathan is always moving from place to place to avoid being detected by members of PDRM,” the court document claimed.The defendants also disputed an allegation in Indira Gandhi’s suit that the IGP had committed a tort of non-feasance in public office through his failure to arrest Riduan and recover Prasana.M Indira Ghandi“The first defendant has and is currently carrying out every effort and reasonable action to abide by the mandamus to execute the warrant of committal and order to return Prasana to the plaintiff.“The first defendant has not at any time not shirked responsibility in executing the warrant of committal and the recovery order, because the investigation, as well as efforts and activities of members of PDRM to locate and arrest Pathmanathan, are ongoing until now,” the cause papers said. When contacted by Malaysiakini today, Indira Gandhi’s counsel Rajesh Nagarajan said that they were still waiting to be served with a copy of the statement of defence.“Not yet. It is due today. We are awaiting their service,” the lawyer said.Back in January, the IGP reportedly revealed that he knew the whereabouts of Riduan and urged him to surrender himself. This was despite an arrest warrant from the Federal Court for Riduan who had absconded with Prasana.Prasana was an infant when Riduan, previously named K Pathmanathan, took her away in 2009 after converting to Islam.Riduan and Indira were later engaged in a tightly-watched interfaith custody battle after he unilaterally converted Prasana and their two other children to Islam.In 2014, the Ipoh High Court in Ipoh ordered the police to retrieve Prasana from her father. In 2016, the Federal Court ordered the IGP to arrest Riduan and in 2018, it unanimously ruled that unilateral conversions of children were unlawful as such decisions needed permission from both parents.The court also issued an arrest warrant for Riduan.Editor's note: Based on legal advice, the commenting feature for the above article has been disabled.

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