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buy apple developer account :Itu2019s time to put a stop to victim blaming


COUNTLESS rape, sexual harassment and even child grooming victims are afraid to come forward and speak up. Many don’t realise that these individuals stand among us. It could even be a family member, afraid to come forward because they know they will likely be judged.The fact that it can be difficult to prove that individual performed penetrative sex without consent is very frustrating. The presence of DNA or a medical report is not enough to prove that there was an absence of consent at the time.The behaviour pattern of sex offenders are often similar when observed closely. Oftentimes they are family members. A victim may be lured unwittingly by a kind and unsuspecting familiar figure at home who uses sweet words and actions into his trap. Or an authoritative individual in the extended family could use religion as a cover to justify an indecent act. This, too, is how child grooming often begins – and this a subject that needs more discussion. Minors are often lured into various illicit businesses after the perpetrator establishes emotional connection with them.   The trauma that comes out of the experience can sometimes be too painful for victims to put into words. The least the public could do is try to refrain from making unnecessary comments on a victim’s social media post without reading or understanding their situation. Pinning the blame on the victim for not being extra careful does not justify the perpetrator’s actions.I write this with the hope that that people will have some basic human decency to try to understand a victim’s situation. This is so that the victims know that it is safe for them to reach out.Be kind. You don’t know what they have on their plate. – December 28, 2020* Dinah Diyanah bt Yusof reads The Malaysian Insight. * This is the opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of The Malaysian Insight.

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