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us apple developer accounts for sale:Crack a window! This smart home smoke alarm will tell you it’s stuffy


The Twinguard smoke detector from Bosch will send you a notification on your phone when the air purity level drops. —Bosch/dpa Fresh air has never been more important. In an effort to help us reduce the risk of infection in shared spaces during the pandemic, Bosch has developed a new device that will tell you how fresh your air is. At the CES tech fair, taking place online this year, the household appliance manufacturer presented a smart home smoke detector that will remind you when it’s time to open a window. Users of the Bosch Twinguard smoke detector can now call up the new ”healthy room air” service in the associated smartphone app, where air purity, humidity and other levels can be seen. ”The ventilation detector can now be used to set up its own ventilation traffic light based on the measured air purity, ” a Bosch spokesperson said at CES. The smoke detector, which is launching in major markets around the world, is expected to make a splash in its home market in Germany, where regular ventilation is of particular cultural significance. However, against the backdrop of the pandemic, Bosch clearly expects more users to want to be able to glance at their phone to see how pure the air is at home. You can set an air purity value yourself in the app, and if air freshness falls below that, you’ll get a notification on your phone. Smart home pros can even set it up so that a smart light bulb works as an air freshness traffic light, reflecting green, orange or red air quality. With this new service, Bosch says it’s responding to user demand for a constantly optimised smart homes, according to Christian Thess, Managing Director of Bosch Smart Home. With just a few intuitive setup steps, the company wants to enable users to “set up their own ventilation light to get through the winter in good health, ” Thess said. Thess also announced a new collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, to allow drivers to control important Smart Home functions from connected Mercedes vehicles. This means you’ll be able to use the Mercedes voice control in the car to ask whether the heating at home is turned down. Ultimately, drivers will have control over various sockets, thermostats, shutters, lights, motion detectors and other sensors in a smart home while behind the wheel of their car. The integration is possible thanks to an open interface that Bosch Smart Home has been offering since the beginning of 2020. – dpa

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