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buy apple developer account:YOURSAY | Where’s the crime in Zahid-Anwar audio clip?


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YOURSAY | ‘Whether the phone conversation is true or not, it is certainly not a crime.’

Cops to authenticate Anwar and Zahid's alleged voices in audio clip

Vijay47: I am glad that the police are taking steps to authenticate the identity of the two persons allegedly involved in that audio-clip conversation.

It does not matter that no offence appears to have been committed, that the protagonists in the tape have not made any outraged police report, and that the police can be expected to have more pressing work to attend to.

There are two objectives to be borne in mind - the public is keen to have confirmation since to add to our national misery, either or both of the persons supposedly participating could end up being our prime minister.

Before I continue, inspector-general of police Abdul Hamid Bador, let me digress to suggest that the tape be sent for verification by more reliable sources; you might recall that the last time you embarked on a similar mission regarding a video clip where two men were engaged in a boisterous display of amour, you informed that identification was not possible in view of the poor tape quality.

This despite the fact that the whole nation, including residents of the Home for the Blind, was easily able to say who the two stars were.

The second benefit is that we might be able to discern, following the recent brotherly performance in China, why our politicians seem prey to bouts of uncontrollable giggling or laughter.

IGP, the audio-tape matter raises three closely related, extremely disturbing facets. The first, ironically the minor one, is why you are investigating it. Since when has a conversation between two politicians, however unsavoury they may be, assumed elements of criminality?

From what could be discerned, there is nothing to suggest that the two were about to execute acts against the interests of the nation. So why the investigation by you?

What is also obvious is that there are forces in the country with all the freedom and facilities to hack and make recordings of telephone conversations. What are you doing about this illegal, yes, cartel? That should have been your greater concern than two aged men indulging in delusions.

Thirdly, how deep does this state of affairs extend to? How far does this recording net range? The common man will surely be alarmed whether he too, for all his innocence, is one of the secret victims? Is every commentator in Malaysiakini and like portals also a marked man?

Sadly, where crime is concerned, Abdul Hamid, you are the greatest disappointment.

Malaysia Bharu: The IGP must tell us why whatever Zahid and Anwar spoke over the telephone is a police matter? What law has been breached?

In the case of the Azmin Ali video, there was allegedly evidence of obscenity or more, clearly an offence under the Penal Code, but no action was taken till today.

The police should get their priorities right and stop wasting taxpayers’ money. The IGP should lead his men in the right direction of law enforcement and stop dancing to the tune of politicians who are the cause of all that is ailing in this country.


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